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Hi, there,

Hi! I’m Barbara, nestled in a small Slovenian village, where I’m surrounded by nature and singing birds. The serenity of my surroundings inspires me to craft dreamy, passionate and unique designs, adding a touch of magic to the world. I specialize in UX (user experience), a realm where aesthetics meet functionality in perfect harmony.

I work with you 1:1 and help you create the brand design of your dreams. A design that connects you to your audience and tells your story in a way you want for it to be told. I can
help you with:
● dreamy brand design
● creating the perfect logo
● designing your website
● illustrations that capture hearts

Thinks I love ...

– Designing, illustrating, airbrush painting
– Climbing, running, hiking
– Amature but for my kids pro in baking cakes
– Love vintage cars. I own one

You can follow me on instagram or facebook 

Let`s create something beautiful and magical together!