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Corporate identity - all in one place

Your business is like no other, and your brand should reflect that individuality. Each brand I design is a fusion of personalized, handcrafted elements, charming illustrations, or one-of-a-kind patterns. My process ensures that your visual identity is truly and unmistakably yours.

Web design

Specializing in web design for a long time. Built more than 200+ websites and webshops of various industries. Help you with website user experience and user interface design to stand out from the crowd with a fresh and modern approach.

Some of the projects

Concept page for the Faculty of Economics

Design for Argeta Junior questionnaire

Marketing ADS designs


Product design

There could be much more than just a blank object. Let’s personalize your product with the brand you want.


Check out my portfolio, including illustrations for children’s books, surface patterns, product designs, and more! Or, take a peek at my charming Etsy store, filled with unique illustrated goodies from my small studio, ideal for you or as thoughtful gifts.