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To commission me for illustration please get in touch with me by email

Unique surface design

There could be much more than just a blank object. It can be personalized with a pattern. It can be fabric, wall sticker, or gift paper, all in the style of your brand with a gentle or striking illustrated pattern.

Oblikovanje embalaže z ilustracijo

Illustrated package design

From brand development, and corporate identity to design packages that will stand out and chart the direction you want it to take.

Book illustrations

A children’s fairy tale is not a fairy tale without illustrations, where the characters come to life. Together with you, I will prepare illustrations that will complement what is written, and at the same time form the book as a whole, and you can only send it to the print.

Cozy Little Shop

From a creative studio to a cozy little shop of mine. There is a cozy place for everyone and for every day. Find your peace of handmade art that make your day more pleasant.